Handmade amigurumis

Hello there! The crochet in my life started... when I was around 7 years, my mom teached me how to make simple things with crochet but at the time it wasn´t really interesting for me until last year when my brother was going to get married and my cousin started to learn how to make... Continue Reading →

Johto Starters

After the 3 Kanto starters here are the Johto! Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile! As I said before I have always been paying the pokémon games as they were avaiable, but my brothers are 5 and 7 years older than me, so instead since child I have always been playing more with my 2 cousins that... Continue Reading →

Kanto Starters

Hi! from today on I will be starting to show the design of the crochet amigurumis I have been making so far, So starting, here are Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle! These 3 little guys along with Pikachu are most likely the ones I have more in my memory when someone says Pokémon to me, since... Continue Reading →

Not only Pokemon, but Ghibli is here too!

Good morning! Here we can see two of characters of some of the Ghibli Studio series, Totoro from "My neighbor totoro" and Kaonashi from "Spirited away" I really like the movies from Ghibli Studios, they always have a deep message it is not only like, the enemies come and destroy everything and some powerfull hero... Continue Reading →

Twin tailed fox amigurumi

Hi! Today I finally had some time so I decided to post about the new pattern I had made that I was saying the last time, my own unique amigurumi, since I am a fox lover (as you had read the last post ^ ^;;) also I am a geminis, so I though it would... Continue Reading →

Foxes foxes and more foxes!

Hi everyone! In my instagram some time ago I talked a little bit about my favorite animal, the Fox. These little cutties are just lovely, last year I had the great opportunity to visit a Fox santuary that it is located in Migayi, Japan. Everything was beautiful and georgeous... yeah... everything but the smell... yes...... Continue Reading →

Huhh?! Charmander is evolving!

Hi! The other day Charmander just started glowing and before I knew it it become a glamorous Charizard! Lately I can`t find time to write some posts in the blog T.T but even so I still upload my instagram almost daily so you can find my newest desings there, or you can follow me in... Continue Reading →

Developing.. chop chop chop~

Hi there! lately I have been so busy at my work that I almost have not time to be crocheting.. that is way too sad T.T But since I have been preparing myself to open my etsy shop at the ends of this month I need to keep making some new designs, I am not... Continue Reading →

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