Progressing for the opening


Hi everyone!

One of my greatest concerns with the opening of a Etsy shop has been how I will be sending the products I want to sell in this shop, the costs, the ways, etc.

I have been researching for about one month and I still can make a good decisión.. TT

So I joined last week some groups in the Etsy community that are sellers in Mexico just like me, and it seems that the most affordable and low cost it is by the local post or Correos de Mexico so I decided to go to the local post to make some questions, the only think it is that I work from monday to saturday so my schedule doesn´t match with the one of the post.. so the only local post that opens on Sunday in Mexico city it is the Post Palace or Palacio de Correos that it is just one street away from the Bellas Artes museum


I love the building so much, some time ago I send some cards to my friend as a assigment from highschool it was interesting since you feel the anxiousness about where was your card and when it was going to arrive, so returning to the main part >.<;; in the morning I went to the post palace and they gladly gave me some aprox sending cost and times, it was really quick so instead I took some photos so you can get a little peak of Mexico city, news says that Mexico is quite dangerous, of course it is but only in certain places and hours, sunday morning in a tourist place, it is quite peacefull..


This photo below it is the Bellas Artes Museum, you can see different colletion during the year and also there is a theather inside, I haven’t gone still but one of my goals of the year is to see one play


The last photo is the Latino Tower you can pay to go to the top of the tower, quite the view but the day I went there it is was raining.. so carefull with the weather.IMG_5363

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