Foxes foxes and more foxes!

Hi everyone!

In my instagram some time ago I talked a little bit about my favorite animal, the Fox.

These little cutties are just lovely, last year I had the great opportunity to visit a Fox santuary that it is located in Migayi, Japan.

Everything was beautiful and georgeous… yeah… everything but the smell… yes… the instant you get out of the taxi the smell is the second thing that comes just after the green forest in the middle of the mountain.



Here you can enter into very large “room” in the forest where they lots of different types of foxes are living there, it is just awesome! you can give them special food that you can buy in the entrance, but only can give it to them from a little locked room, because they can snatch the food from you and that means.. well some scratches and bites here and there.


So in few words I really love them, here is a photo of a little part of the fox colletion I have, they include dolls, crocheted amigurumi made by myself and a Fox lamp! I wanted the yellow one but it was sold out TmTIMG_5483

Hope that you liked the photos! The four little foxes are my newest design of Twin tailed Foxes they will be in my etsy shop!

Good nighties everyone!!

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