Handmade amigurumis

Hello there!

The crochet in my life started… when I was around 7 years, my mom teached me how to make simple things with crochet but at the time it wasn´t really interesting for me until last year when my brother was going to get married and my cousin started to learn how to make a bear doll with crochet I just loved the idea, and I knew that it was something I wanted to learn, so there I was trying to learn how to read the patterns, watching tutorials in youtube!

If I am not wrong my first amigurumi took me around 1 or 2 days, it is was the Crochet Teddy Bear from Sharon Ojala her blog “Amigurumi to go” has a wide variety of free patterns that you can make, and even has youtube tutorials so it is a really good option if you are a first timer in the crochet world


I found a photo of my first two amigurumis! OMG! lol

here is the link to the pattern for the teddy bear if you want to see it:


So after a some months of making amigurumi I started to know how to make some shapes plus some imagination, I decided to started to make my own designs amigurumi, at first they were… well lets say not as good as these ones to my point of view… but they were cute!


I only have two brothers so since I was little instead of playing with dolls and such, for me it was video games like nintendo, play station, and one of my great weakness… pokemon, I am a huge fan of pokémon! been playing all the games realeased since I was 7, also my 2 cousins also liked them so we always were playing pokemon

That is a reason that almost all of the photos and designs that you will be seeing are from Pokemon, there are also some other characters like some of Ghibli Studio like Totoro or Kaonashi, and some others… like… digimon, animals in general, characters of some japanese animations and also some characters of League of Legends

Totoro, Kaonashi and Calcifer from Ghibli!

From League of Legends Sona, Annie and Amumu


And also since I am Korean I use more Kakaotalk than Whatsapp so also I like a lot the Kakao Friends! Muzi, Ryan and Neo



I hope you have liked them! also remember to follow me on instagram @haniscrochet and in facebook /haniscrochet so you don´t miss any of my newest amigurumi!

Also soon I will be opening my Etsy shop in the case you would like to adopt one of this cuties!

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