Etsy Shop Opening!

Hello everyone!

Today I officially opened my etsy shop!

The listing it takes more time that I thought, it took me quite the time and courage to open this little space for promoting and now selling this cutties

Here is my link to my shop maybe you have seen a design that you would like to buy but it is not listed at my shop? don´t worry you can send me a custom order with the one you want my pricing is about 6 to 9 USD (about 120 to 160 mexican pesos) for keychains and my miniatures and 16 to 20 USD (285 to 350 mexican pesos) for my normal sized plushies

I would be really happy if you could give a little peek to my shop and tell me what do you think about it

The only thing I regret is that since last month I am waiting for a mini photo studio to take pictures of the plushies I am going to sell but I am still waiting it TmT

Soon I will be upgrading the quality of my photos have little patience please~

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