Starting september with sales

Hi everyone! Today is finally the last day of August my ''pokemonless'' month! uggg it was such a large month for me TnT kind of difficult when you have all the colors to make some little pokemons that want me to make them lol So starting tomorrow september 1st until september 30 my etsy shop... Continue Reading →

A busy week

Greets everyone! The last days I have been busy making a scarf and a hat but as I think I said in another post (if not, sorry..) even though I can also knitt my skills there are still kind of amateur... I still don´t know how many stitches I need for a hat... they ended... Continue Reading →

A week of dogs!

Hi! its been a time isn´t it? Lately have been ocuppied working on some new designs of my miniature collection some of them are really cute! But more than that last week my cousin request me with quite  a unique order... an crochet amigurumi of a pug (it is still normal until here) that can... Continue Reading →

Lovely keychains

Hi everyone! As I am renewing my etsy list! some of the best photos I took the other day I think they were my keychains... there are some reasons behind that One it is that since my photo study it is kind of small the smaller the item to phograph the best it turns out... Continue Reading →

I received my photostudio! yay!

  Hi everyone! Today I am really happy the photo studio I ordered the last month it isfinally in my hands! it took way too much time since it came from China... It is really simple and a little bit small but I bought it because it had attached some LEDs and you only needed... Continue Reading →

Doraemon has come to my house!

Lately I have been trying to remember older characters that I liked when I was young so one in the list was Doraemon... if I remember correctly it was a cat toy that doesn't has ears... or something like that? This was my first attempt to make it, for my point of view it seems... Continue Reading →

Mouse? mice?

Hello there! So I am here debating about what to make this month still have more than 20 days to be able to restart some of my unfinished pokemon design... sigh... Since I am Korean born in Mexico I have known since child to different types of horoscope, the Chinese  one in which I am... Continue Reading →

Welcome owl!

Hi everyone! This time I made a cute owl amigurumi! For this one it wasn't my idea, this is for a dear friend that I know since middle school... that would be around 12 to 13 years?... please don't calculate my age lol! D:!!! At first I was like: omg... I like owl they are... Continue Reading →

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