Hoen Starters

Hi! Today I am posting my designs for the 3 starters of the Hoen Region in Pokemon, something I have found out recently while making these generation it was that as the generation are going on, the starters have more and more details TmT


But well that is also a challenge I have to take myself to see what I can do to make them lol

I think these 3 ended up pretty fine ^ ^;;

One friend of mine told me: Isl why do you always make only Pokemons?

and I was like uhhh… welll cause I like them… mm… so what else would you like to see on my instagram?

and she said: well.. more normal things…

So taking a little consideration to my friends advise this month I will be designing no pokemon (excepting the ones I have incomplete) and be making more “normal” stuff like she said lol, lets see what happens

See you later!~

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