Welcome owl!

Hi everyone!

This time I made a cute owl amigurumi!

For this one it wasn’t my idea, this is for a dear friend that I know since middle school… that would be around 12 to 13 years?… please don’t calculate my age lol! D:!!!

At first I was like: omg… I like owl they are cute and all but the feathers…. have so much combinations of colors and shapes! which one do I have to make and how?!

After thinking for a day I decided to go for a brown owl with come beige and black dots in the front… it turned out quite cute but still feel it can be better… maybe I will be making more versions of this cute animal


Since I have been trying to modify the the size of my designs… my original ones where about 4~4.5 inches (10-11cm) high but this one turned out about 5.5~6 inches (14~15cm) doesn’t seem to bee a lot of difference but it got quite heavier lol

Don’t lose any of my newest that you can see on my instagram as @haniscrochet or in my facebook /haniscrochet

Have a nice day!!


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