The after effect of Pokemonless month?


Hello everyone!

Seems like the whole month I wasn’t able to make any pokemon did affect me lol, since the first day I was like, I can make some modiffications to some of my designs so they can be more cute and bla bla


There are many crocheters I follow on instagram and that I love their work but NVkatherine is one the few pokemon crocheters I really admire her work, especially their eeveelution collection, they are so cute! And also big xD since my room isn’t that big I am used to make pocket sized amigurumis so I can make a lot of different ones

So if you have seen my eeveelution collection you can see that all of them are in a sitted position, then after seeing some days ago the new Umbreon of Katherine (the eeveelutions she makes are all standing in their four legs) I gave some time thinking about making them also standing so after many hours of thinking and finally I made this little ones!


Also I wanted to try other type of material for my amis, the ones I had at first are from acrylic yarn and the ones I made this time I made them with some cotton yarn, they turned out really good but the only minus thing was that the yarn took almost two months to be delivered… bad thing if you want to start a shop… TmT

So still in my travel of finding a good material I can get in some decent amount of time so I can make the amis I want, so difficult…

Oh! Returning to what I was telling about the new design, I am the kind of people who likes to get inspired from others, but don’t like to make identical or to similar to the ones I got inspired from, since the people who made them also took their time and effort to make them like that, so my standing eeveelutions ended up being a “short leged” version ones! They are cuter that I thought they would be, I am pretty happy with the result, also seeing the past versions of the same pokemon I made time ago… so different TnT so amateur.. lol I still think I am pretty amateur… since I have been crocheting amis for amm… kind of one year and half I think… in april it should be two years if I recall correctly ^ ^;;

Those days I remember that I just finished university and was resting for some time also I was finishing my thesis to be able to program my final cuisine exam for graduating, it was so annoying the process and it took me almost 6 months since I finished my thesis! OMG TmT

But well, so to resume I had too much time to do nothing lol, and my brother was going to marry around that time and I wanted to give him something handmade, later I will search for a photo of the present I gave him that time

Hope you had liked the photos and the story of today! and that you enjoy the weekend, next time I will write some about the earthquake that I felt yesterday night in Mexico city… pfff quite the shake before sleeping

If you liked the photos of my designs you can always see the newest in my instagram and facebook! find me as @haniscrochet

See ya!


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