A shocking night

Good day everyone!

Today I will be writing about the night of the past thursday, the day when a earthquake moved Mexico, that day I was making some amigurumis for a Charity Toy Drive that are going to give stuffed toys to Syrian Refugee Children on Lebano, it was around 11:50 pm almost midnight and my brother told me to go to sleep since I had to work the next day

So I was making some last arregements and go to bed (my little becky was already slept in my bed… and in the middlle!) and then I heard an alarm, since it seemed familiar I went to open the window and it was the sysmic alarm that we have in Mexico city, since I can remember Mexico has a lot of sysmic movements so I am quite used to them to the grade that I can’t feel them unless they are 5.0 or higher and then the lamps started moving and I was thinking whoa… today it is quite strong heh?

My mother woke up asking for me and then the earthquake started to get more and more stronger, since it was midnight we had all the lights off and we couldn’t see, my mother got nervous because the neighbor started to scream and make a lot of noises, the next thing I knew was that she was geting out of the house (we live in a apartment in the 7th floor) and going stairs down, at the moment didn’t knew what to do, my brother seemed to be sleeping but I was more worried that my mother could get hurt if she slipped in the stairs so I followed her, hoping my brother would be follow us with the dogs. Whoa.. the first time I saw a building crumbling above our heads…

When we got out there were a lot of people in the street and helicopters were flying around the city. the sysmic alarm was still going on and my mother sat in the floor telling me to stay with her but I couldn’t see my brother so I told her that I was going inside again, when I met a neighbor from another floor he told me ”Hey your dogs are in the stairs” I was like OMG WHAT?!! so I hurried to the stairs and in the 3rd floor there was one of my dogs, Loki a mixed breed of alaska malamute and husky, more than nervous he was quite happy to be out of the house, to the extend he got inside another house and didn’t wanted to get out, when finally I got him out and were going upstairs there was my other dog Becky and white Korean Jindo dog she seemed more nervous (ours dog usually only have their collars when going out cause my mother says that it is unconfortable for them) so catching both of them with bare hands was quite hard

Finally my brother came with the collars and lace so we put them on both dogs and went to the lobby again by then the earthquake had passed but there was still many stressed people, and my cellphone was like crazy friends and family were texting me and my brother to see if we were alright. The news said the preliminar was about 7.8 but after some minutes they told us the earthquake was 8.2 higher that the one in 1985 8.1

My mother didn’t wanted to go to the house because when there is a strong earthquake there are usually some replicas after, I was getting devoured by the mosquitos and the city seemed to be quite noisy so we decided to walk a little bit with the dogs, when we got home it was past 1am since I wasn’t getting sleepy because of the shock my mother made us a really SOUR tea, all the things we passed seemed like a dream, like whoa this can’t be happening right?

The Mexico city didn’t had important loses but seemed that Oaxaca and Chiapas got quite damage since there was the main part of the earthquake

Hope everything will be OK and that this kind of problems don’t happen soon again…

Next time I will write about the toys I made for the toy drive for the syrian refugee children!


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