Crocheting for Syrian refugee children

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since l wrote something on my blog! so sorry have been busy making my new Halloween collection and also two weeks ago l joined a project named #toysforsyrianrefugeechildren with Justine she is collecting toys for children to give them on Christmas, her goal is to share 500 toys

It is the first time I do something like this, l don’t really mind making lots of them since l always crochet when l have free time, funny since l work full time from monday to saturday… not supossed to have much free time, but l crochet pretty fast so no problem xD

She made 3 patterns that you can make and donate to her, you have to send them to Australia and she will be delivering the toys in December to Lebanon


You can decide wich one to make, the bear is for babies, lion for boys and the unicorn for girls (seems that she need lots of these ones, so I made two but l used all my white yarn in the first… and don’t have much time for going to buy more… TnT )

I really respect people that can dedicate their time to people like her, since not many people does that (speaking strictly l can’t at the very least) so l wanted to help her to achive her goal, if you have a little time try making one of this toys! maybe for us is something meaningless but for those little children that didn’t have the right to decide to born and live during a war maybe those toys can give them a little bit of hope and strength, l am not a believer but l do think that chilhood should be something happy to remember and not a torture

If you don’t know how to crochet but you can knitt seems like there will be a pattern avaiable for the knitters too!


So here l am sending these friends to make a world tour and making some kids smile for a little while!

Hope you have a good week! My new collection a Halloween will be listed between today and tomorrow! you can see them on my instagram and facebook page!


Greets! ~

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