Would war feel something like this?

Hello everyone

Some of you may already know that yesterday once again there was an earthquake in Mexico, this time it was around 1.43pm and 7.1 ritcher scale with and epicenter between Puebla and Morelos, about 150km from Mexico city

Could it be destiny? irony? tragedy? 32 years ago the same September 19th from 1985 Mexico City was shaked by and earthquake that time a 8.1 ritcher scale, that day a lot of people died, about 400 buildings collapsed and many people injured tryed to help each other.

Yesterday 32 years after there is a simulation in the whole country at 11am where everyone cames out as if there was a eartquake and also to remember all the people that died that time, yesterday was the same at that time I saw a lot of office people coming out of ther buildings and gathering in their gather point and after some minutes they went inside again everything was normal, about 2 hours later I suddenly felt as if a giant truck had hit the ground and I got startled for a moment I wasn´t sure about it but then the whole floor started to shake more and more stronger I shouted to my coworkers “It´s and earthquake! let´s get out of here NOW!” they only got frozen where they were and I had to take their hands and pull them out of the shop, for fortune the shop were we work is right next to the street

The alarm started, to late it is was already shaking, it was more stronger than I thought and the two girls were having a nervous breakdown, as fast and safe as I could I pulled them through the main street the cars also stopped and many were getting out, everything shaking, we got safe next to a tiny church then I saw how all the people shouting and gathering again in the same place where some hours ago they gathered when they were doing the simulation, but now was real, some stones from the medieval hotel building where we work started to fell down, it was really good nobody was there, Some buildings that are in construction shaking like gelatins and black smoke coming from the phone antenna, all seemed like a dream, just two weeks ago almost at midnight we had and earthquake and now the same day when many thousands of people died in this city the very same day there was another earthquake a lot of hay colored dust started to cover the entire city.

As the earthquake was starting to end our next concern was the safety of our families, my uncle was inside the 9th floor in a tall building just 2 streets down but since the other earthquake there where some fissures in the building, my mother was at home I was really glad to know that that day my brother took the day, so they should be together with our dogs, my cousins (that are like my brother and sister) were at school, hope the would be OK, my aunt was alone in her appartment in the 16th floor! with her dog ! OMG! and my father should be working so no many tall buildings should be there

Since the phone antenna was smoking I thought that calls wouldn´t be a wise idea, so instead I used my kakaotalk and whatsapp application to confirm if my family and friends were OK, it took some time but everyone was OK my uncle came to were I was but he told me a shard of the building hit his head when he was coming down from the stairs and he was a little dizzy, I am still worried about that but he won´t listen to me and says he is OK..

After that all I could hear were helicopters, ambulances, people screaming, fire fighters… more policeman maybe… after two hour maybe? my uncle told me to close the shop for the day, the workers where really nervous because of their families it was about 4:00 to 4:15pm by then

all the transportations were unavailable, the buses, the subway, the metrobus (kind of bus but with their own lane in the streets) and even the ecobici (a rented bicycle that you use in the city) everything was off, no line to communicate, all the stores closed and a burning sun I got to a main avenue called insurgentes and had to walk about 2 hours together with some few hundred? most likely thousands of people that also were going either to their houses or to one of the many buildings that collapsed during the earthquake, since the people that had to walk were too many the police told us to use the lane for the metrobus, only we had to give space when an ambulance or the milice (you don´t see that frecuently) was passing, the mood in the city was so depressing people shouting to the closed stores wanting water and some first aid things, lots of people with sad, tired faces walking through the gray city ambulances and helicopters passing all the time, feeled like ohh… maybe war should feel a little bit like this?

Finally when I got to the building of my house I was just terrified, no light all the people out but couldn´t see my family, so I went near the porter of the building they told me they were inside I got inside it was all black so used the light of my cellphone, couldn´t be more terrified the stairs of the first 4 or 5 floors were just fulled of cracks as I went upstairs they become less and less we live in 7th floor, it was like the path of hell, kind of since I had to walk 2 hours with high heels… not a good idea

Finally at home, my dogs were just nervous, my mom relieved that I got home safe, my brother way to tired because of our dogs that get way to excited every time they go out, and even more if there are dogs (and there were lots of them)

We ate a little bit of what we could find in the house since everything was closed and had to pass like that the night, seems everyone else stayed in other places but us… that was quite shocking to know…

Couldn´t sleep since I could still hear people shouting about helping in some sites, helis, ambulances, etc… even if I was so tired that in a normal day I would knock out all the day yesterday I couldn´t sleep more than 2 or 3 hours straight… too much noise, the fear of what if the building collapse? I have to be ready if there is another replica, and so many thoughts in my head, everytime I read the facebook there were lots of videos of buildings collapsing in less than 10 seconds… having the numbers of more and more injured and death people… a hard night

I couldn´t even happy about making a sale that day in my etsy shop, my second one! but the only thing in my mind was… Ohh god what to do? I don´t think there is going to be post for at least one or two days… hope will be getting normal soon…

And today the day after the earthquake, seems like only me from the people I know had to work (yippie… see the irony there…) there were almost no sales (as expected) everyone else was or in their homes, volunteering to help in one of the collapsed buildings to help searching people, or something like that so all day I was only hearing the live news about how the work was getting in the city, many people has decide to volunteer themselves, what a good thing to do, some others stealing from people… kind of the worst…

Some others in their houses… a little bit of envy… but not so much

And then the day passed and got home, still hearing people helping since there is a collecting center just in front of house and lots of cars and motorcycles are stopping by to deliver or to bring things, and as I am thinking and thinking there a is like a gray atmosphere in the city a gloom and depressed one, even though there are lots of people shouting “we can” and “we are one mexico” that gary thing seems like filling me and getting me little bit depressed… I don´t talk a lot about myself nor how I fell but what I can tell you I get depressed really fast but just don´t let people around me notice that

Hurts me to see, read and hear all what is happening, but at the same time I get a little bit of hope seeing people doing their best for others they don´t know, and also get angry about the ones that try to take a chance of what is happening just to fill their greedyness

So bypolar don´t you think? all the problems and bad things seems to get all united in this single year… supossed that 2017 is the year of rooster (my year) but all I saw is like the world I knew is shattering in front of my eyes, but I also am optimistic and think that OK everything is shattering like getting burned to ashes but this year is the fire rooster (many says is the phoenix year) so I will overcome all this year and will reborn from those ashes maybe with some scars and as a stricter person but also as a better person

That of course is the way I think as a motivation!

Got really excited writing this time! OMG so much words!!

I really hope I didn´t got you bored with all these! D:

The next time I will be telling about my first sell on etsy! hope you will like that post!

Because all this things about the earthquakes couldn´t work in my designs lately TnT so sad! hope soon will be updating! follow me on my instagram as @haniscrochet !

See ya!~

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