My first sales! :D

Hi there!

As I told in my early post I left some drafts that I was supossed to post some weeks ago but when something of major force like the earthquakes we had here on Mexico you head goes somewhere else and forget about many things D:

This post was actually supossed to be uploaded around September 20th the next day after the eartquake that collapsed many buildings through the city…

The saturday september 16th I made my first sale on Etsy! I was really happy since l am also a peacky customer so l usually wouldn’t be buying something in a place that hasn’t sold anything till now (l know so petty of me…) and because it was a double sell!

She got two of my six Halloween theme amigurumis, so gratefull to her! The only thing now it is to wait that the mail will do their work and will be delivered to her safe (so nervous…


After this sale the I started to get some more sales through my etsy! one was right after the earthquake and I was walking together with some thousands of people in one of the main avenues in the city because all the public transportations were dissabled TnT the burning sun and the hollow faced people walking in Insurgentes avenue that really was like being part of a movie… a war movie – -;;

I noticed that etsy has some uniques sounds to alert you about when somebody makes favorite one of your items but more than that when you make a sale it sounds a cash machine when it opens, so imagine me walking in the avenue with lots of people and suddenly it sounds like a cashmachine opening… I was like OMG!!!

I was frustrated since I couldn’t get happy from the bottom of my heart about that sale, also because I was concerned about how and when I could be sending it :/ (it was… the friday so 3 days later when the local post reopened)

After 2 sales both in US I got another one the next week another double! yay this time to Canada! I really love that country want to go there once 😀


And then this saturday (yes this one) someone bought my special amigurumi to donate the earnings to the red cross and such because the earthquakes in oaxaca and chiapas 😀

I have finally taken all the photos I needed for making my first pattern! I just need now see how people is used to make this ones… – -;; wish me luck there…

This week I will be updating some photos of my digimon collection I have been working on last week! 😀 they are already available in my etsy shop!


Have a nice monday and lets read us again! Cciao~

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