Little by little

Hi everyone!

I know its been a time! lately I have been myself in other world, in the world of reading and time passes way to fast and can´t remember that I have to write some and read a little less ^ ^;;

I am really happy to tell you all that the past week my first orders in etsy have been delivered without much troubles and got my first reviews!

So happy when I got the notification about it!


My shop is still new and green but I think is starting to get a little shape kkk of course it is not as if I think I will be making full time this crocheted dolls but still gives me a lot of joy to see that people like my work

After the earthquakes in Mexico city its been a little difficult to return to the daily life, maybe because of that I try to escape from reality with readings or at the very least try to think myself that life right now is not that difficult if I compare it with the ones that I read in the books (right now I started with Game of thrones of George R. R. Martin, I know why until now? well since I know that the series still continue I was resisting reading it, I heared that its been almost 6 years from the last releasing and have 2 more books… that and the very first introduction was kind of boring and couldn´t pass it the 2 times before that I tryed to read it, in my point of view from the first book I read it is interesting but way to much violence, sex, politics and murders… still prefere the Seven Reals series from Cinda Williams Chima, they somewhat similar in the theme, but some less politics and a lot lets dies try to read it, I really enjoy that one! the first book it is the Demon King)

Well well returning to the main point, this month I have been advancing a little bit slower since most of my designs I made them many months before and had them almost 40 of them by the time I started making all my social medias such as instagram, facebook, etsy, bla bla

Also I don´t want to advance that quick with my designs since I have been searching for new brands of yarn that I can use for this babies, got some mix of wool acrylic yarn but way to stiff, or some cotton yarn but is it to thin and the texture is not soft as I want so frustrating… seems that there is a big shop of yarn but they open from 9 to 6 and I work that hours! TnT so sad… and if I want to make a delivery order it can be from 3000 pesos… that should be between 150 to 160 USD but I don´t want to but that much unless I know that the quality of yarn and texture is the one I want – -;; so frustrating… hope that when I have vacations in december I can go and check out the colors and textureto make sure that later when I make a delivery order it will be OK

Well that is all for now kkk remember to check out my newest desigs on my instagram and facebook! you can find me as @haniscrochet

If you have any special amigurumi you would like to see tell me and I can try to make it, doesn´t really have to buy it


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