FRIDA the rescue dog PATTERN!

Hello everyone!

I said since starting my blog that I would be publishing some free patterns time to time, so sorry I still haven’t done any, is just I am kind of lazy when I have to write these patterns, even when I am making them I just make lots of scribbles in a piece of paper, the problem is later when l try to see what it says lol

Well so finally I decided to share with all of you my personal pattern for FRIDA, one of the rescue dogs that help during the rescue in Mexico city in the earthquakes in september

My first time making a pattern for other people, hope it is easy to understand


The abbreviations used are:
MC = magic circle / magic ring
SC = single crochet
INC = increase
DEC = decrease
HDC = half double crochet
(…) = repeat what is between the brackets
[…] = total amount of stiches in that round
fo = finish off (with a slip stitch)


1) MG with 6 st [6]
2) INC in each [12] * put a marker so you know were ends each round
3) 1sc – INC in next st [18]
4) 2 sc – INC in next st [24]
5) 3 sc – inc in next st [30]
6) 4 sc- inc in next st [36]
7~11) sc in each st for 5 rows
12) 4sc – dec [30]
13) 3sc – dec [24]
14) 2sc – dec [18]
15) 1sc – dec [12]
16) sc in each st [12]
17) INC(hdc) the next 3 st  –  sc in the next 6st   –   INC(hdc) in the next 3st [18]
18) (INC(hdc) – hdc) repeat 3 times – sc in the next 6st – (hdc – (INC(hdc)) repeat 3 times [24]
19) (INC (hdc) – hdc) repeat 3 times – sc in the next 12st – (hdc – (INC(hdc)) repeat 3 times [30]
20~21) sc in each st for 2 rows [30]
22) 3sc – dec [24]
23) 2sc – dec [18]
24) sc – dec [12]
25) dec [6] f/o

Leg (Make 4)
1) MC with 6st [6]
2) 1sc – inc [9]
3~6) sc in each for 4 rows f/o

Place the legs and put some pins to see where they are going to be sewed, the photo below I have sewed the legs in the main body


EAR (Make 2)
1) MC with 6st [6]
2) inc in each st [12]
3) sc – inc [18]
4) sc in each st [18]
5) 4sc – dec [15]
6) sc in each st [15]
7) 3sc – dec [12]
8) sc in each [12]
9) 2sc – dec [9]
10) sc in each [9] f/o


1) MC with 6st [6]
2) inc in each st [12]
3) 3sc – inc [15]
4) sc in each st [15] * use some black yarn with a yarn need to make the nose, you can se in one of the photos how I start with a V shape after that I fill the gap between and lastly a make a horizontal stitch in the tallest part so you don’t see any irregular stitch

stuff lightly the muzzle and attach

1) MC with 5st [5]
2) sc in each [5]
3) 4sc – inc [6]
4~5) sc in each for two rows [6] f/o

Boots (make 4)

The original color is royal blue but can make them with the color you like the most
1)MC with 6st [6]
2) 1sc – inc [9]
3) sc in each **only the front st [9]
4~5) sc in each st for 2 rows f/o

Olive navy jacket

1) Chain 11st [11]
2) sc from the second st each one [10]
3~6) flip, chain one and sc in each one from the second st for 4 rows [10]
Place the piece in the back of the dog and make enough stitches to make it to the other side of the chest (I made about 15st) and sp
two sp in the jacket to make a separation and make stitches to get to the other side this time between the legs across the belly and sp in the jacket f/o
**You can make a little handdle in the middle of the jacket if you want leave a long tail of yarn and with the needle put the yarn in one side in the middle then make 5 or 6 stitches and sp in the other side and f/o

With light grey yarn
Stitch 27 points
flip and SC in each one starting from the second st [26] f/o
Join both ends with the needle
put the eyes in the line above the muzzle with 6 or 7 points of separation and place the googles put some pins to secure the shape and sew it, you can use the same yarn or a transparent thread
Now with black yarn make a SP in one end of the google and make enough chains to get to the other side and SP when you get to the other side f/o hide the remaining yarn and cut the excess

DONE! pfff it took me so much time to make this pattern I don´t know how people can make these all the time… I usually just have the pattern in my head… or some strange scribbles in one note… – -;; hope you can understand it… and that you like it!

Have a nice day! holidays are not too far! YAY!

Remember to follow me on instagram with my new patterns! 😀 Cciao cciao~


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