Cyber week


Hello everyone!

I know have been a while since my last post! sorry!

Had a lot of work lately, my first time making many sales in the same day (cyber monday… a fearfull day lol xD)

After having 6 orders at the same time (thankfully only 2 where order made ^ ^) and then trying to not mess up in the post service for the tracking numbers I am almost done with my work haha

20171127_225304[1] 20171120_180039[1]

The only custom order I still have make is a Darth Vader for a friend of mine and a minion that was requested to me for a Christmas gift trade

So after finishing all the orders I have for Christmas I will be updating my etsy shop with the newest amigurumis I have made so far in the last month!

Also a really sad thing is that most likely I will be raising a little the prices TmT the reason is that in less than 6 months the prices for yarn have raised more than 20% OxO;;; but I don´t it will be a lot of raise for my customers since most of them are from United States and Europe for them it will be like a 1 to 1.25 dollar up – . – (even so I am still sad T-T)


The last month some people have contacted me to ask if I could sell them some patterns of the pokemon amigurumis I make but I not sure about that for two reasons 1

I am not really sure how to write a pattern, I mostly make some strange scribbles in a note when I design them, I can understand well but others… well let´s think about it later – -;;

The other reason is because I am not sure if people would like the pattern… because most of the pattern I have seen on sale are for big (if compared with my pocket sized ones) amigurumis : /

The dilemas of a new seller like me? TnT


Well hope it wasn´t that boring my post and hope that like it! Also the holidays season is starting! Lets be happy yay!

See you until next time! cciao~

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