Adding some big plushies

Hello everyone! It has been long since the last post, my apologies! About two weeks I did a poll on my intagram asking the people that follows me if  they would want me to try making some bigger plushies and if so, how big they should be And the answer was they did indeed wanted... Continue Reading →

New designs arriving

Hello everyone! Todays post is about the new designs that are available in my etsy shop. Some of them you may have already saw them, my "short leged" eeveelution collection that was only for cotton yarn made, is now available in my normal acrylic yarn versions! This is because I noticed people liked more the... Continue Reading →

Lovely keychains

Hi everyone! As I am renewing my etsy list! some of the best photos I took the other day I think they were my keychains... there are some reasons behind that One it is that since my photo study it is kind of small the smaller the item to phograph the best it turns out... Continue Reading →

Doraemon has come to my house!

Lately I have been trying to remember older characters that I liked when I was young so one in the list was Doraemon... if I remember correctly it was a cat toy that doesn't has ears... or something like that? This was my first attempt to make it, for my point of view it seems... Continue Reading →

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