Starting the year, unique

  Hi everyone! Since I got a little bit of time I decided to write about the first orders that I have got in this 2018, something curios is that the 3 amigurumis I have sold so far all of them were with some little extras or customized xD The first one was a mimikyu,... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone! Happy New Year! Did you share some good time with your friends and family? hope you did 😀 This  2018 lets do our best! Since this last week I had vacations from my work after much time I spent the days just rolling in my bedroom reading, watching some series and making some modifications... Continue Reading →

Cyber week

Hello everyone! I know have been a while since my last post! sorry! Had a lot of work lately, my first time making many sales in the same day (cyber monday... a fearfull day lol xD) After having 6 orders at the same time (thankfully only 2 where order made ^ ^) and then trying... Continue Reading →

Black Friday outlet

Hello everyone! Has been a while I know but lately been busy making some updates for my etsy shop with some unique listings that are now available Right now you can get some of my cuddle size amigurumis that I made before starting my etsy shop unusual from my pocket size ones (about 4 to... Continue Reading →

Little by little

Hi everyone! I know its been a time! lately I have been myself in other world, in the world of reading and time passes way to fast and can´t remember that I have to write some and read a little less ^ ^;; I am really happy to tell you all that the past week... Continue Reading →

My first sales! :D

Hi there! As I told in my early post I left some drafts that I was supossed to post some weeks ago but when something of major force like the earthquakes we had here on Mexico you head goes somewhere else and forget about many things D: This post was actually supossed to be uploaded... Continue Reading →

Updating my Etsy

Hi everyone! Somes weeks ago I was making some new amigurumis  for the upcoming Halloween If you follow me on Instagram you should have seen some of them recently The ones I decided to make for this day are: Haunter Litwick Noibat Umbreon Hell horse (This one is my original lol) And my cotton Pikachu version... Continue Reading →

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