My first sales! :D

Hi there! As I told in my early post I left some drafts that I was supossed to post some weeks ago but when something of major force like the earthquakes we had here on Mexico you head goes somewhere else and forget about many things D: This post was actually supossed to be uploaded... Continue Reading →

Updating my Etsy

Hi everyone! Somes weeks ago I was making some new amigurumis  for the upcoming Halloween If you follow me on Instagram you should have seen some of them recently The ones I decided to make for this day are: Haunter Litwick Noibat Umbreon Hell horse (This one is my original lol) And my cotton Pikachu version... Continue Reading →


Hi everyone! its been a while since I wrote in my blog! so sorry but I have been busy after the earthquakes it is kind of difficult to try to return to the rutine after such a shock but well life keeps going so here I am back, this time I have been working in... Continue Reading →

My first sales in Etsy!

Hello everyone! Have been long since I wrote something in my blog, I apologize TmT These days have been hard cause of many things 3 earthquakes (8.2, 7.1 and 6.1... the last one wasn't that strong but after the first two... you know...) This month I have started to make some sales in my amigurumis!... Continue Reading →

Would war feel something like this?

Hello everyone Some of you may already know that yesterday once again there was an earthquake in Mexico, this time it was around 1.43pm and 7.1 ritcher scale with and epicenter between Puebla and Morelos, about 150km from Mexico city Could it be destiny? irony? tragedy? 32 years ago the same September 19th from 1985... Continue Reading →

A shocking night

Good day everyone! Today I will be writing about the night of the past thursday, the day when a earthquake moved Mexico, that day I was making some amigurumis for a Charity Toy Drive that are going to give stuffed toys to Syrian Refugee Children on Lebano, it was around 11:50 pm almost midnight and... Continue Reading →

Starting september with sales

Hi everyone! Today is finally the last day of August my ''pokemonless'' month! uggg it was such a large month for me TnT kind of difficult when you have all the colors to make some little pokemons that want me to make them lol So starting tomorrow september 1st until september 30 my etsy shop... Continue Reading →

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