Chibi Molang pattern

Chibi Molang pattern

This is a cute free pattern I have available in my Youtube channel too!


White yarn, crochet hook 2.75/3.00mm, wool in brown and pink color, wool felting needle

Main body:

R1: Magic ring with 6sc (6)

R2: inc x 6 times (12)

R3: (1sc - inc) x 6 times (18)

R4: (2sc - inc) x 6 times (24)

R5~11: sc in each for 7 rounds (24)

R12: (2sc - dec) x 6 times (18)

R13: (1sc - dec) x 6 times (12) *Stuff the body

R14: dec x 6 times (6) f/o, use your tapestry needle to close the gaps


Ears (make 2)

R1: Magic ring with 6sc (6)

R2~4: sc in each for 3 rounds (6) f/o


Arms, Legs and Tail (make 5 in total)

R1: Magic ring with 5sc (5)

R2: sc in each (5) f/o


Sew the ears on the top part of the head, sew the arms 3~4 rows below the ears, each side of the body

Sew the legs on the bottom part of the body, leaving about 3 - 4 points between the legs

Needle felt the details of the face and you have finished your own chibi Molang! you can attach a keychain to the plushie is just the right size for a keychain :)

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